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THE TRUTH BEHIND SCALAR PENDANT's SYMBOL : Christian Believers Read this Carefully.

Scalar Energy Quantum Pendant is made from natural minerals that are fused and structurally bonded together at a molecular level. It produces scalar energy that helps to enhance the body’s biofield. The Scalar Energy Quantum Pendant promotes positive flow of energy and helps to maintain energy balance. It helps to restore energy that has become weak in the body.By restoring the energy balance in the body this pendant helps one to maintain health and well-being.

the scalar pendant
THE QUESTION IS, DID YOU KNOW THE REAL MEANING BEHIND SCALAR ENERGY QUANTUM PENDANT'S SYMBOL? read below. 666 is the Kabbalistic square of the Sun. The true meaning of the "Temple of Solomon" is the TEMPLE OF THE SUN. "Sol" "Om" and "On" are all words for the Sun. "Sol" is the Latin word for the Sun and is close to the English word "soul." "Om" is a name given by the Hindus to the Spiritual Sun and "On" is an Egyptian word for Sun. The symbolism of the Temple of Solomon was stolen by the Jews and made into a fictitious character, as with the fictitous nazarene and nearly everything in the Judeo/Christian Bible. The true meaning of the "Temple of the Sun" is spiritual. This symbolizes the perfected soul, where the rays from the heart chakra, which is the center of the soul and circulates spiritual energy, radiates into 8 separate rays. The shining soul is symbolized by the sun. 8 is the number of Astaroth. This is also "The New Jerusalem." The name of "Jerusalem" has also been stolen and corrupted into a city in Israel. "Jerusalem" IS A CONCEPT!
temple of the sun where the symbol of the scalar pendant originates.
take a look on the pictures above. 1st picture: the temple of the sun 2nd picture: the scalar/quantum pendant COMPARE AND CONTRAST THE SYMBOL.
NOW LET'S DISCUSS ITS MEANING. The point within the circle is an interesting and important symbol in Freemasonry ... The symbol is really a beautiful but somewhat abstruse allusion to the old Sun-Worship, and introduces us for the first time to that modification of it, known among the ancients as the worship of the phallus ." [Albert Mackey, A Manual of the Lodge, New York, Charles Merrill, Company, 1870, p. 56; also Edmond Ronayne, The Master's Carpet (Mah-Hah_Bone), 1879, p. 324-326; Emphasis added] Just in case you missed Mackey's shocking sequence of events leading up to the more shocking ending, let us restate his statements for you. In referring to the circle with a dot in the center, Mackey said, first, that Masons "utilize" it in their worship of the Sun God, Osiris, which is bad enough because Osiris is Lucifer; but, then, Mackey says that Masons practice the "old Sun-Worship", which involved the worship of the Phallus, the man's penis! Freemasons worship the sex act, just as pagans and heathens have done for centuries! Finally, we have a clearer understanding of the nature of Masonry, and we can see more clearly that it is definitely NOT Christian. However, your average Mason never realizes this fact, because his beloved Superiors in the Lodge have lied to him, in conformity to Pike's instructions. When they view the Circle with the Dot in the middle, they are not told it represents Sun Worship and Phallic worship; they are told it represents the Microcosm and Macrocosm of Mankind, and that all men are to seek the harmony in their lives represented by the circle being in the prefect middle of the Cosmos. At this point, some Masons will say that sounds silly, while others will think it sounds beautiful and mysterious. Both types of men will continue in their Lodge activities, absolutely unaware of the deeper meaning of this or any other symbol. These type Masons will also provide perfect cover for those practicing the deepest secrets of Masonry; these deluded Masons will recoil from the suggestion of these pagan religious beliefs and practices, with honest horror, thus providing the Lodge with what the propagandist calls, "Reasonable Deniability". These honest, mislead Masons have not read the materials we have, but rely instead on the assurances of their Superiors , not knowing they have been mislead. We need to pray for these poor, mislead Masons. Like all other occultists, Freemasons view the circle as the female vulva and the dot in the middle as the male phallus. Thus, they celebrate the Sex Act as the Great Ritual, sacred in and of itself. Truly, they fulfill the Biblical definition of the pagan in Romans 1:25, "Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen." FOR MORE INFO PLEASE VISIT THESE FOLLOWING WEBSITES: TAKE NOTE: WE ARE IN THE LAST DAYS. EVEN THE VERY ELECT (saved believers) WILL BE DECEIVED. ---comments and inquiries are very much welcome!!

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Anonymous said...

hi! i read your blog about the scalar pendant. im so worried that our church leaders are believing it. there's something in my heart that says its not true. i tried to support my claims by telling them that it is not in the bible but i lack facts like you presented in your blog. please help me convince them that its not true.:( can i post your blog in my facebook account so that my friends in the church may read it..please? thanks.:)

krisleaviray said...

hi! yes you can post it like what i did in my that they can understand..let's spread this. thanks for reading my blog!

Anonymous said...

Have you taken the time to see how these pendants have helped individuals? God created the minerals he also designed our bodies to have frequencies that we constantly destroy on a daily basis. I have been able to share christ with people by using this product. The symbol has no meaning unless you give it one. If I were to pray to my spoon before eating that would be a problem. Who & what are you giving power to? I have seen these products in several forms and personally I would not wear the cross but that is my personal preference. The technology is a blessing. I have personally seen people out of pain by using it and I thank God for it. The symbol as you stated has no meaning to me. I saw it as a star until I read your article and will continue to do so. Sometimes it's perspective. Even I can dig apart just about anything to give it a negative connotation . God has given us so many things in their purest forms and we tell him no thanks. I wear my pendant & I share it with people and I have seen amazing things. I don't worship, pray or do a ritual dance for it to work. I refuse to give credit to any dark side for a perfectly natural God given source that can help us naturally instead of using all of those pharmaceutical drugs that are so good for us.( pun intended) Instead of fishing for meaningless symbols that have no power, I prefer to spend my time studying God's word and helping others. So in closing folks get the facts, see for yourself, pray about it and let God lay upon your heart the truth.

God Bless,
Another Christian perspective

PS. When I prayed about this issue the answer I received was: ALL GOOD THINGS ARE FROM GOD! What you do with it determines the goodness or NOT!

Raby said...

Thanks for your blog. It looks very stunning and rich. I like wearing Titanium chain and Pendants very much.

Scalar Energy Pendants said...

As another commenter has said above, these pendants are made of the earth. If you claim these pendants are blasphemy then you go against the earth, nature and the very source of our own being. It's actually quite ironic.

These pendants are used for helping to heal and aid people. I understand you're probably thinking what better place to hide a "hidden" agenda than in plain site and labeling all these pendants with your interpretation of 666, the very number 666 isn't even evil in nature, our interpretation of it has been made so through dogmatic institutions that hold to scarcity minded superstitions and at the end of it all are fearful for their own ends.

What you need to do is question why you place so much value on labels, words and interpretations of others. If God created you and you are from its source then it would be blasphemy to believe anything but your own inner voice. This is the ONLY truth, your OWN truth. Anything else is interpretation of anothers perspective and is worthless to be taken on as your own.

I've seen the danger of dogma, politics and control on people, especially in regards to health and healing methods.

Put your faith in yourself, don't believe anything but your own interpretation of God, which is your own inner voice. Anything outside of yourself are opinions of people trying to rationalize their existence.

Ten Commandments said...


Anonymous said...

Just really curious about your PERSONAL blog. What is your objective? Getting paid? Or your concern about Christians? If you're concern about the latter, why not answer the comments? After all this is your blog, right? Or you're running out of ideas from cut and paste? We would really appreciate your comments back, if you have something more to share.

jacobe said...

For me, it works.
lumakas ako. I didn't get often sick last year, unlike before that i got colds and fever often. I think so far the best website that sells authentic fusion excel quantum pendants is They are only selling it for PHP 4,250. The pendants on the website are authentic and has pin and password to verify it. They ship to the Philippines as well.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous Christian, thankyou for saying that because i have a pendant to and was bothered by the symbol, but i looked at your comment and i was reassured thankyou very much! Keep up the Good work you do, its a blessing. :)

Sonny Vina said...

Did the symbol has anything to do in its effect? I try to removed the symbol by cutting it on pieces and up to the length of pulverize it, and test it. To my amaze, it still have the same effect on my balance, strength, and most is, it cure my arthritis.
So in my opinion, the symbol can be of any shape, but the fact still remain that this help people.

Anonymous said...

anonymous christian... your welcome and as bible says don't judge a thing if you are not a God..

Anonymous said...

I had pendants but crushed them into powder when I got a revelation from God that they are occultism. I would like to advise the doubters to go back to the bible and learn that God want us to draw our strength from him, not intellectual designs of men, the devil always comes throw intellects, arguments and that is why a child of God sticks with the word; casting down imaginations!

Anonymous said...

Never put anything to your body, God made & knit you in your mother's womb without fancy earing or pendant. Because he sees you perfect already in his divine purpose, remember my bros and sis in christ that our body is the temple of holy spirit. Live like Jesus Christ live, focus only on what Jesus teaching. We have an access already in tabernacle thru Jesus God son blood,that means we have direct access to God by praying with faith to God. Healing will come just like Jesus did, he prayed to the lame,sick,deaf,dead and all is healed. No need for fancy pendant, that only makes your faith shallow to Jesus and you hurt him,focus to Him because he is our "Great Healer".

Richard Codera said...

,i never believe in that belief,,even the head of the church told me to buy that quantom pendant,,remember head so pastor,,...some people they know already about the truth,but they still believe in human made,,only Jesus i only believe bcoz He is my Saviour and my Salvation,,he always gave me strength..

Joel Deymos said...

sir richard codera,ibig mong sabhin di na rin tayo mga Christian punta sa pakabit ng suero,oxygen at iba pa aparato dahil Jesus is our healer?

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