Saturday, October 10, 2009

NATURE: God's Broadcasting Station

  • Humans are the only species that consciously and powerfully controls the environment. We humans, think of ourselves as great. We know that in an objective view we are just among the many organisms, and that we're not able to survive in the outside of the natural world where there is earth, air, water and life. Yet, we seem to be poor leaders in the animal life's hierarchy.
  • Despite of our greatness, over and over again we waste, we breed heedlessly,we fight, and are too short-sighted and self-centered. What we think is only for our own benefits. We did not even think what God will feel about these. We tend to overlook that all of what we are and the things surround us are of God's.
  • I cannot blame why there are calamities happening now. I cannot blame the government for what happened. I cannot even blame why when nature strikes there are a lot of people being desolated. It is for the reason that we take nature and its Creator for granted and that's because of the selfishness that grows within our hearts.
  • I will not write more about on how to solve these quandaries. Why? Because it seems to be useless. There are a lot of children of new generation are fighting for their future but then adults did not even give a pace to change their ways. They are more focus on the political issues and monetary matters rather than the social, religious and environmental subjects wherein these are more important to think of.
  • I just want to tell all the people, if you do not know how to fix it (nature) then PLEASE stop breaking it. Let's act as ONE single world to attain ONE single goal and that is to rescue our beloved nature. If those money that have spent on war and political campaigns are then spend on finding environmental answers then maybe, we are not be able to suffer from this devastating calamities now, and what a wonderful place this earth could be.
  • So, I challenge all of you now that PLEASE make your actions reflect your words. We are the one's who is making our future. So, PLEASE let's start the change in ourselves before pointing others and blame them for it. If you change then others will reflect on you and eventually they'll change.
  • To end up, i will leave a quote here:

I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in.

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Friday, October 9, 2009

This chopped board joins with the poke under the concluded fountain.

THE TRUTH BEHIND SCALAR PENDANT's SYMBOL PART2: Christian Believers Read this Carefully.

In the previous article, it was discussed that scalar quantum pendant originated its symbol from the "Temple of Solomon" or TEMPLE OF THE SUN. "Sol" "Om" and "On" are all words for the Sun. "Sol" is the Latin word for the Sun and is close to the English word "soul." "Om" is a name given by the Hindus to the Spiritual Sun and "On" is an Egyptian word for Sun. Also, as with regards to the circle with a dot in the center, the Masons "utilize" it in their worship of the Sun God, Osiris, which is bad enough because Osiris is Lucifer; but, then, Mackey says that Masons practice the "old Sun-Worship", which involved the worship of the Phallus, the man's penis! Freemasons worship the sex act, just as pagans and heathens have done for centuries! Finally, we have a clearer understanding of the nature of Masonry, and we can see more clearly that it is definitely NOT Christian. Now, let's take a look on the pictures below.
Eight-Fold Path of Enlightenment! A WORSHIP OF OBSELISK. The obelisk is the greatest, and most common, phallic symbol in paganism. Do you know how the Satanist most commonly symbolizes the sex act? He places the phallus in the middle of the Satanic Eight-Fold Path of Enlightenment!Now, you will be absolutely floored when I show you the most famous instance of this Satanic representation of sexual intercourse -- the phallic symbol of the obelisk placed in the middle of the Eight-Fold Path of Enlightenment. More pictures here:
This is the Vatican's Obselisk.
The most famous pagan depiction of sexual intercourse in the whole world is found at the Vatican City, St. Peter's Basilica, where the Pope regularly addresses the faithful. Notice the obelisk sitting in the middle of the Satanic Eight-Fold Path of Enlightenment! Now, you might ask, why would the church that so vigorously promotes celibacy also be the one to construct the world's most infamous depiction of the pagan ideal of sexual intercourse. To get the full story, we encourage you to read, NEWS1034 , "Pope Embraces Evolution". However, suffice it to say here that the major, foundational reason Roman Catholicism has constructed the world's largest pagan celebration of sexual intercourse is because that Church is just as pagan as Freemasonry or as any pagan religion in world history. THE ULTIMATE INSULT TO JESUS CHRIST AND HIS TRUE CHURCH? We have already shown you that Satanists depict the sex act through a circle with a dot in the middle [above]. We noted, from Masonic writings, that Adept Masons utilize this symbol to worship the Sun God, and to depict sexual intercourse. Now, we are going to show you a Masonic symbol that has to be the ultimate example of blasphemy possible ! We will show you the typical Satanic/Mason symbol of the Circle with the Dot, and then the Masonic blasphemy.
Can you believe this most unbelievable blasphemy in this Freemason symbol to the right? They have taken the Satanic Circle With Dot symbol, and have placed the Holy Bible on top of it! Surely, there can be no greater blasphemy possible in connecting a Satanic symbol with a most revered, and holy, Christian symbol. Surely, now we can know for certainty that Freemasonry is not, has never been, and cannot ever be, Christian. Further, we know for certainty that Freemasonry is as Satanic as all those Mysteries, with whom Pike says she is "identical"! [This blasphemous symbol of the Circle W/Dot and the Holy Bible on top, is on Masonic site Now, let's compare all the pictures:
Eight-Fold Path of Enlightenment! A WORSHIP OF OBSELISK.
The Temple of the Sun. Sun-worship.
Vatican's Obselisk.

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THE TRUTH BEHIND SCALAR PENDANT's SYMBOL : Christian Believers Read this Carefully.

Scalar Energy Quantum Pendant is made from natural minerals that are fused and structurally bonded together at a molecular level. It produces scalar energy that helps to enhance the body’s biofield. The Scalar Energy Quantum Pendant promotes positive flow of energy and helps to maintain energy balance. It helps to restore energy that has become weak in the body.By restoring the energy balance in the body this pendant helps one to maintain health and well-being.

the scalar pendant
THE QUESTION IS, DID YOU KNOW THE REAL MEANING BEHIND SCALAR ENERGY QUANTUM PENDANT'S SYMBOL? read below. 666 is the Kabbalistic square of the Sun. The true meaning of the "Temple of Solomon" is the TEMPLE OF THE SUN. "Sol" "Om" and "On" are all words for the Sun. "Sol" is the Latin word for the Sun and is close to the English word "soul." "Om" is a name given by the Hindus to the Spiritual Sun and "On" is an Egyptian word for Sun. The symbolism of the Temple of Solomon was stolen by the Jews and made into a fictitious character, as with the fictitous nazarene and nearly everything in the Judeo/Christian Bible. The true meaning of the "Temple of the Sun" is spiritual. This symbolizes the perfected soul, where the rays from the heart chakra, which is the center of the soul and circulates spiritual energy, radiates into 8 separate rays. The shining soul is symbolized by the sun. 8 is the number of Astaroth. This is also "The New Jerusalem." The name of "Jerusalem" has also been stolen and corrupted into a city in Israel. "Jerusalem" IS A CONCEPT!
temple of the sun where the symbol of the scalar pendant originates.
take a look on the pictures above. 1st picture: the temple of the sun 2nd picture: the scalar/quantum pendant COMPARE AND CONTRAST THE SYMBOL.
NOW LET'S DISCUSS ITS MEANING. The point within the circle is an interesting and important symbol in Freemasonry ... The symbol is really a beautiful but somewhat abstruse allusion to the old Sun-Worship, and introduces us for the first time to that modification of it, known among the ancients as the worship of the phallus ." [Albert Mackey, A Manual of the Lodge, New York, Charles Merrill, Company, 1870, p. 56; also Edmond Ronayne, The Master's Carpet (Mah-Hah_Bone), 1879, p. 324-326; Emphasis added] Just in case you missed Mackey's shocking sequence of events leading up to the more shocking ending, let us restate his statements for you. In referring to the circle with a dot in the center, Mackey said, first, that Masons "utilize" it in their worship of the Sun God, Osiris, which is bad enough because Osiris is Lucifer; but, then, Mackey says that Masons practice the "old Sun-Worship", which involved the worship of the Phallus, the man's penis! Freemasons worship the sex act, just as pagans and heathens have done for centuries! Finally, we have a clearer understanding of the nature of Masonry, and we can see more clearly that it is definitely NOT Christian. However, your average Mason never realizes this fact, because his beloved Superiors in the Lodge have lied to him, in conformity to Pike's instructions. When they view the Circle with the Dot in the middle, they are not told it represents Sun Worship and Phallic worship; they are told it represents the Microcosm and Macrocosm of Mankind, and that all men are to seek the harmony in their lives represented by the circle being in the prefect middle of the Cosmos. At this point, some Masons will say that sounds silly, while others will think it sounds beautiful and mysterious. Both types of men will continue in their Lodge activities, absolutely unaware of the deeper meaning of this or any other symbol. These type Masons will also provide perfect cover for those practicing the deepest secrets of Masonry; these deluded Masons will recoil from the suggestion of these pagan religious beliefs and practices, with honest horror, thus providing the Lodge with what the propagandist calls, "Reasonable Deniability". These honest, mislead Masons have not read the materials we have, but rely instead on the assurances of their Superiors , not knowing they have been mislead. We need to pray for these poor, mislead Masons. Like all other occultists, Freemasons view the circle as the female vulva and the dot in the middle as the male phallus. Thus, they celebrate the Sex Act as the Great Ritual, sacred in and of itself. Truly, they fulfill the Biblical definition of the pagan in Romans 1:25, "Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen." FOR MORE INFO PLEASE VISIT THESE FOLLOWING WEBSITES: TAKE NOTE: WE ARE IN THE LAST DAYS. EVEN THE VERY ELECT (saved believers) WILL BE DECEIVED. ---comments and inquiries are very much welcome!!

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Sunday, August 2, 2009


Here's my wish list! hehe
1. Laptop sony vaio
2. iPhone 3G
3. HP printer
4. Victoria Secret Body Mist
5. girlie dresses and other girlie stuff(PINK)

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Nothing Unusual

It's been quite long since my last post. I think 2 or 3 weeks, just an estimation. Well, what happened to me? Nothing unusual. Same as before. Doing chores at home, schooling, clicking on ads, and most recently i'm addicted playing with the pet society, farm ville, and farm house in facebook. I always update it, and i think this is one of the reason why i have no time to blog (too bad for a blogger but too good for an online game addict hehehehe). Well, if you want to see my pet here she is :

Pink again! That was my brother told me. LOL. What funny about pet society is that we had a picture shoot by my bf (well, he had his pet too) Here it is.
Anyways, i've been very busy in school even though i just have one subject during this semester. Maybe the reason was after i went to school, i go to my student to have a tutorial service for him, then i'd be around 9 in the evening wherein i have to proceed with my online writing jobs. By that, i just sleep for only 6 hours a day which is not helpful for because i'm anemic and i need a plenty of rest which is opposite of what im doing this past few weeks. On other the hand, our preliminary examination will be on 13th-16th of July (next week). Again, i will not be able to post blog updates by that time. But i will try to visit yours every now and then. Well, to end up this post since there's nothing unusual happened to me in the past weeks, i would like to post a quote by the famous Confucius:
The man of wisdom is never of two minds; the man of benevolence never worries; the man of courage is never afraid.
That's all for today! Bye for now! Blogging shortly!

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Circle Crops

When i visit my blog, i realized that i did not update it already. Well, i searched for a interesting topic in the site and here's what i've got.

Crop circles are patterns created by the flattening of crops such as wheat, barley, rye, rapeseed, linseed, soy, and soy. The terminology was first used by Colin Andrews to portray circles in the crops. A lot of circles are man-made as what Dave Chorley, Doug Bower, as well as John Lundberg .

Many guesses and hypothesis have been presented to illustrate the crop circles formation of the unknown origin that varies from paranormal to naturalistic. The major naturalistic illustration is that crop circles are all man-made, mostly as a hoax. Meanwhile the paranormal illustrations suggest that, there are man-made crop circles and some others are the made by UFO or alien spacecraft or what we known as supernatural processes.

info by wikipedia. =D

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

While You Were Sleeping

First of all, i would like to post this award from Bloggista. Many thanks to the awards you gave me.

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My blog is "Krislea's World" and my link url is:
I would like to pass on this Award to all my following bloggers in my list. Happy blogging!
~~End Copy~~
Anyways, I have a video here. I have nothing to write. hehe I made this video for my bf. Hope you like it i mean hope he likes this hehe.
Thanks For Watching!

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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hassle Week, Stressful week

It's June already and i haven't buy a new pair of school uniform yet. If last week was a lucky one for me then this week, i think, maybe, it is not. Firstly, my 3 employers, again!, did not pay me in my articles. that was very disappointing. it really makes me feel angry. i should have 50 dollars for this week to buy a new uniform and for my allowance by next week. Also, the water bill and the smart bro bill is already due. Therefore, i really need a hundred box or more. Well, i don't want to murmur more. I will just list the things that i need to accomplish and get by this week since im running out of time because June 8 will be that start of our class.
1. I need to follow-up the payments from my 3 employers every now and then.
2. I need to have 5000 pesos by this week to complete all necessary bills and due payments.
3. I need to go to school to follow-up for my requirements (TOR) and enroll myself in NCM 104 subject.
4. I need to go to the tailoring shop for my new uniform.
5. I need to go to a salon.
6. I need to find more projects online to compensate my school allowance and bills.
7. I need to follow-up my student which i rendered a tutorial service last school year( if his parents is still interested).
Actually, there are a lot of things i need to do by this week. i can't write them one by one since my mind is a bit disturbed at the moment. I hope and I pray that i can complete my goals in due time.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lucky Am I? Yes I am!

I had a lot of blessings this week. Though, i did not able to update my blog due to my busy schedule but a lot of good newssssss came on my way.
First, i was amazed when i found out that my blog increased its page rank. From page rank 1 to 2 now. That's a big deal for me . (See the PR2 icon at the right side of my blog). All i can say to all who visit my blog, thank you so much especially "Equal Life" who told me to check my rank. Well, i really love it. =D
Second, i won 3 projects from the site i bid. That's why, as i said, i wasn't able to update this. I have to finish 70 articles within this week for my 3 employers.
Third, i was able to finish my re-instatement papers for returnee in Ateneo which means, i will able to enroll by next week and continue my study there. I will be enrolling only 1 subject as a sort of review, as what the school administrator's advised me to. But you know what, i will be paying 15, 121 pesos for just one subject ( what a big money!). I did not expect that the cost of each subject unit is already 738 pesos unlike before it was just 517 pesos. But i will have no regret since Ateneo is a prestigious school.
Fourth, i was able to buy my school shoes last Tuesday. Guess what? My shoe size is 33 (children's size) LOL. I was not able to find a pair of lady's shoes that will fit me. Actually, i have a small feet, maybe a size of a 9-11 years old kid. hehe
Fifth, Hari ng Sablay posted a lot of awards for all his co-bloggers. Well, this is my chance to grab those. hehe. Here's the awards! (I only grabbed those awards that are not in my list). Thank you SIR!
Last but not the least, BLoGGiSTa
gave me a tag again! It is called "OVER THE TOP AWARD." But i think this also an award for me. Thank for this sis!!! Here's the tag.
I am privileged to post this tag/award especially after I read the following rules that goes with it:
1. To receive this award your blog must be exceptional in design and content; presenting us with new knowledge, a sense of style, or at times just giving us a smile!
2. Each recipient of the award will acknowledge the person who honored them with the award and then go to, copy/paste the award : Your Blog is Over The Top. (located on the right sidebar, scroll down)
I will be passing this tag/award to the following persons: Idealpinkrose, Chikletz, Hari ng Sablay, and Poem.
Well, 'till then! Happy Blogging and Tagging everyone! Have a nice weekend!!!!

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