Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Isa, Uno, Una, First!!!!

April 30, 2008 -- when i met a guy in a chatroom. This guy taught me a lot of things in which he didn't even know. Here's the list of the FIRST THINGS that this guy taught, gave, sang, ask, etc.

*guy whom i spent most of my time -- almost 16 hours a day, we have our headset on even if we sleep
*romantic "statement purposal" to be his girl -- "if you allow me, can i take the journey with you?"
*song he sang -- Gugmang Gi-atay by the Ambassadors (a bisaya song that made me laugh but it was romantic though)
*music video he made -- How do i breathe by Mario
*romantic "wedding proposal" -- "would you walk down the isle for me?"
*song i sang to him that i made him teary-eyed -- First Believed by Hoku
*action he did that i giggled -- when i heard him snore over the phone while im still talking
*tagalog music video he made -- Magkita na tayo (video that made me and all my friends smile)
*gift he gave to me -- Garfield stuff toy and balloons (actually he was the first guy who gave a gift to me even though he's far. his effort is what matters most, really!!)
*christmas i spent with him -- i was in front of my computer talking with him (12:01 am, Dec. 25, '08)
*gift i gave to him -- 4 boxer shorts, a cap, a wallet and 4 pictures of mine. (i packed these for him and his cousin who went to California was the one who brought the gift)
*flowers i received from a guy -- the gift that i ever wished in my entire life and now, it came true.
*family and relatives -- what i mean the family and relatives whom i spend so much time together partying even though he is away from me.
* boyfriend -- whom i spend one year of happiness (not to mention the fights we had and the attempted break ups LOL)
These are the FIRST THINGS that he did to me and the things that are very significant to our relationship. Now, i would like to thank Phaphang for all these wonderful things and moments he did. I cherish all these treasures and im wishing more years for both of us phang. i love you with all my heart and with you i will spend my whole life. See you soon and happy 1st anniversary to both of us. =D

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I would like to thanks KOX of kornchops for giving VESPA BLOGGER FRIENDSHIP AWARD to me last sunday.

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Now, I want to allocate this award to my newly found friends and co-bloggers:

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Video Web: On my own opinion

Video web is more preferred than text?

It's fairly understandable that video web shows evidence that actual human beings could solve their setbacks by utilizing the data in the video. Most individuals only consider things that are visible to their eyes. The video and the audio are rapidly gaining recognition as of its great class experience against boring websites. That is why i can tell you that audio and video web is much more interesting than text. If ever your video is victorious in presenting evidence of accomplishments making used of a particular book, machine, or service then it could quickly make disturbing triggers into viewers’ intellect to create a buying choice. Conversely, it is as well possible that subsequent to watching a video web a viewer might say, "No, this is not what I am searching for". Consequently you see, "education" creates a person able of taking decisions rapidly and could guide him/her to the right path. Among greatest benefits of video web is that it could be played "as demanded". The video is feature on your server or on a video portal and anybody who would search for it could view it anytime they want. That is the reason why video web is turned out to be the new age advertising medium for marketers approximately around the world and you have to give it a try, without any uncertainty.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Online Job Dilemma

These past few weeks, i felt very tired writing a dozen of articles per day and paid only 1 dollar each. I come to realize, its not worth my career as a writer. Actually, I've been writing for 2 years now since i stopped schooling. At first, i really love my job though my compensation for a week was only 20-30 dollars. But now, 20-30 dollars a week or let's say 900-1,300pesos a week is not enough to compensate my needs and pay my bills in time. I love writing and i love to be a freelance writer but the income i received every month is not enough unlike before.
For everybody's info, i lost more than 800 bucks in my online writing career. There are some employers ordered a hundreds of articles but did not pay me. One employer ordered 150 articles to be rewritten which costs $2.5 each. As i compute how much will i received in the end of the week, i quickly accepted the offer and started the project. However, at the end of the week, when it's submission time, he said he will review first the articles i made before he's going to pay me. That's no problem with me because every employer does it. But after a 3 days of waiting, i received no emails from him. That's the time i felt terrible and started to get angry. A week, two weeks, three weeks, months already passed, until now, i did not receive any message from him telling if he's going to pay or not. But, i already forgot about what happened because it just drives me crazy. Almost 500 dollars was lost. It's a waste of my time and effort, what do you think?
Meanwhile, after what happened, i still continued to write articles from different employers overseas. Some of them are good buyer at the start but in the middle of the project, they will hardly demand you to meet their deadlines, mock at you, forcing you to finish the article before the said time, and then ran away without any payment left to you.
That's why, i decided to shift to another course of work, still an online job. Many of my friends said that blogging is one way to make money online. The problem is, i did a lot of stuff such as joining several blogging communities, submitting my blog to pay blogging company, advertising, exchanging links and affiliates and so much more. Yet, i still don't have any income from my blog. I've been trying a lot of research already but nothing happens.
Could someone help me here? Is there anyone out there help me how to make money online through my blog or any kind of online job that is different from writing a 500-word article for only 1 dollar? Well, for those who will response to this post, thank you in advance. Honestly, i'm a bit terrible right now because our bills for water and smart bro is due next and i need to go back to my onco-gyne doctor for a follow up check up and i don't have any money for all of these.
P.S. Sorry if i was murmuring in this post. I just want to express my feelings of anxiety due to lack of money hahahahahahaha.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


My co-blogger and my friend Bloggista gave two awards for me in which i didn't expect. I just did blog hopping today (3:52 in the morning) and as i read her post, i was amazed by these gifts . Thanks Bloggista for always considering me as your friend and choosing me as part of the IBC!! More power to you and to our co-bloggers out there.
The Kawaii Blog Award
I'll be giving this tag to
Thoughts of a SAHM
The Friendship Award
And i'll be giving this tag to
Lio Loco
The Maniax
Grab these awards now! Happy blogging everyone!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another Blog

Due to my blog addiction, i was very busy lately because I created a new blog. I just want to create one and nothing more. So, without further explanation, click the photo below to see my another blog layout.
Actually my "Krislea101 Blog" is still on maintenance. There are just 3 posts in there. Don't worry, I'll try to write as many as I can just to fill this blog up. If you want to exchange link with me, just visit Krislea 101 and leave a message in my cbox so that i can add you up right away. So, until next time. I just need to finish the whole thing! =) P.S. Hope you visit! =D

Friday, April 17, 2009

Camp Memorabilia

Last Tuesday (April 13) to Thursday (April 16), we had our 1st Unified Bible Baptist Churches Camp At Camp Bernadette in Bangkas, Toril Davao City. Our church was the one who hosted the camp. Our camp's theme is "My Son give me thine heart..." which is found in the book of Proverbs 23:26. This camp is intended to all baptist young people to unite once again and fellowship with one another as well as convince the young people to give their hearts to the service of the LORD. There are 20 different baptist churches from Davao City who joined the camp. The main speaker of the camp was Pastor Elijah Alvaro ( my father's playmate way back).
Our tent
I did not stay on the campsite due to work schedules but I went there last Tuesday and Thursday. I had a very great time though I just have a little time to mingle with other fellow baptist young people. As i stayed in the campsite, our fellow church members rendered a very joyful games to us. Though it is not a competition but we considered as a fellowship.
Meanwhile, I was very happy i received gifts from the camp.
Hello Kitty, my first souvenir Heart Stuff toy, a souvenir
First, my name was picked by the host and I was compelled to join a game. I was not the winner of the game but they still gave me, together with the 10 picked participants, a hello kitty stuff toy. Second, my little brother won a heart-shaped stuff toy from the"dart game".
Imy camp memorabilia
Aside from that, there are a lots of memorabilia that was given to us such as bookmarks, keychains, pencil holders/cases, marker pens, notebooks, ballpens, foods, and candies. Some campers received trophies for their excellent attitude during the 3-days camp.
All of these stuff are great but what i really treasured most when i joined the camp was the message brought by Pastor Elijah Alvaro to every young people. In our 3-days in our camp, i really gain some knowledge and wisdom from his message that the things in these world is valuable for us but we don't realize that the most valuable thing to considered is the "shedding of the blood in the cross by the only begotten son "Jesus Christ". It's not too late for us to receive Him as our Personal Lord and Savior as long as we still breathe but when we died its too late for us to receive him. Salvation is a free gift that everybody must know and accept it. He also stated that when we offer our hearts to God and be in the service of Him, that's the time we can tell that life is beautiful and nothing more beautiful.
I really appreciated all the people behind this camp. They did a great job. Two thumbs up to all of you! =)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Puzzle

I'm here again in my online diary and I want to tell you something about my feelings right now. What if i will ask you? When will heartaches end? I really need to know. With my past relationship, at first i am so happy that he made my life into something else. But, as the days gone by, why i am hurting this way? all i wanted him to do is to loved me in return. I know it is not good that you loved someone and expecting something in return. My heart is tired. My whole body keeps telling me "please, for a while, love yourself first." But how? since i met him, my life revolves around him. I want to let go but i can't. I want him to realize how bad i am feeling right now. I want him to see the whole puzzle. This portion of my heart where i hide my aches, I want him to see them. I have been hurting for my entire life and pretending to be okay even if im not. smiling at people, family, and friends even if deep in my heart i really do feel the scar he left. Does somebody tell me here what will I suppose to do? How to love that in the end i will be loved also. That i can find my peaceful and happy bliss. Does anyone knows the exact meaning of the word "LOVE". I know that "LOVE" is one of the most used and most abused one word. And when you love, your heart bleeds. Can we love and be happy at the same time? I want someone to see the whole puzzle. The puzzle that no one, as of now, fix. The puzzle that put my heartaches to rest.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Childhood Dream

I have been in front of my computer for almost 4 hours surfing the net and thinking what will i write today. Last week, i was very busy. So, I had only, i think, 2-3 blog post last week. That's why I wanted to post 4-5 blogs this week, hopefully.
Then suddenly, a new topic came into my mind. I said to myself, "what if I will write about my childhood dream." Actually, I'm in a "blank-stare-mode" right now and I'm running out of words. Well, I start to write about the topic before i delete this blog post and think again of another one. Here it goes.
When I was a child I really dream of becoming a newscaster,a journalist, and a writer. I really love to write even if I don't have the talent of mixing and making sentences.
But when i got into college, i decided to pursue my career as a nurse though i did not finish my school yet. For one reason, in many news reports today that nursing career is "in-demand" to work here in our country and overseas.
However, though i pursue my nursing course, i still manage to pursue, at the same time, my writing career for being an online article writer and a blogger. This is not an easy job (difficult topics, fast deadlines, late payments) but then this i what i want, my love, my career, my childhood dream.
>>> What a nice short story right? LOL. =D This is how i end up the post. To tell you honestly, I'm not in the mood to write right now. I just want to have a new post. hehehehe =D I'll promise that my next post will be much better than this. =)

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Friday, April 10, 2009

The Bridge

  • Holy Week is a traditional event practiced annually. This is done to commemorate the death, the burial, and the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. But do you really know the exact meaning of this?
  • Hundreds of flagellants paraded in the Philippines just to atone their sins at the start of Easter celebrations. Stripped to the waist young people whipped their backs, tearing into tender flesh and drawing blood. But is that enough?
  • If only these people know the real meaning of Jesus' death in the cross of Calvary because of his love for us then they will realize that the whipping and drawing of blood at their back is not enough because salvation is a free gift. God just wants us to receive and accept Him as our personal Lord and Savior and that's the time we can have the remission of our sins.
  • To understand more, watch this inspirational clip "The Bridge" as part of my Lenten Blog Special.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Island Escapade

Last Monday, April 6 '09, my family and I went to Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS) to have an over night stay. We started our trip around 4:00 in the afternoon and got there (in Kaputian, our first destination) around 7:00 pm. It is a very long trip actually. We had to passed through the sea, rocky mountain, forests, etc. I'll just put the pictures here to summarize everything. =)

Click the pictures to view them clearly.
At the barge. From Sta. Ana Davao Barge going to IGACOS barge.
At Kaputian Beach Resort.
Early in the morning swimming (6:00 am) Kaputian's Dugong. This preserved Dugong was found dead at the beach's shore. With my brothers and nieces. The bluer part of the water is already deep about 100-800 below ( i guess). It's a little creepy below . I just posted this for you to see the island's curve. (Don't mind my post) See the shades of blue? The darker the shade means the deeper.
At Hagimit Falls.
At the very top of the falls. My brother sat on the rock above the falls. The Falls. Wonderfully made by GOD. Haha. =) i know you will be smiling in this picture. This is the small part of the Hagimit falls. Dimple and Angel. Nice view right? Show me your post Angel. What a nature behind her.
Hope you like my pictures. hehe.. Actually, I have a lot of pics from our vacation. Hopefully, we will still have one, two, three or more vacations. hehe... By the way, we spent our night at Kaputian and went back home on the very next day around 6 in the evening. So, you? Where will you spend your vacation?

Friday, April 3, 2009

An Apple a Day Keeps Your Fats Away

I've noticed that lately i have a huge appetite. I crave for foods. Also, i love to sleep and sleep and sleep. I dont know why maybe because of my hormones or what? (am i blaming it to my hormones? haha bad girl, its your own motivation okay?) Well, i have been also busy this week. i have been writing a lot of articles and need to finish it in due time. also, i have a client for my "art for cards." i dont know why my feelings that im getting more fats on my abdomen, upper thighs where in fact im really, really stress. i started to realize that i have this "huge" observation on my body when i bought 2 blouses last night in the mall. i thought it fits me though i can still wear it but it is really thigh, OMG, what's happening to me. I come to realization that i must lose weight not tomorrow, not the next day, but NOW is the right time. i still eat my meals but it is good for me to take only an apple in dinner and some fruits and juices to burn my fats. that's what i read on some articles before i wrote this blog. actually, im concious of my weight and my size now though im that really fat or obese but it is good to have a fit and healthy body. Goodluck for me, to my "diet course", and to my body structure as well. i know i can make it. AJA!! =) hahahaha

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